Potential Solar Salt Project

Potential Solar Salt Project

Potential Solar Salt Project

Global salt requirements are distributed between human consumption, de-icing and water conditioning (~30%), with the balance (~70%) being the largest and fastest growing sector namely, the chemical industries including chlor-alkali and synthetic soda ash requirements.

Demand is indicating a growth of 3-4% pa with the market anticipated to reach over 300 million tonnes in the immediate future, with Asia accounting for almost 45% of that usage. It is argued that the current producers may well fail to meet that future growth in production.

With the ever-increasing awareness of the massive carbon footprint that traditional salt production from Vacuum Salt leaves, due to use of fossil fuels in production, Solar Salt from seawater is not only the preferred method for the best quality but, with no peers in the ability to do so, with the least impact on the environment.

Newco Nominees has been mandated to prepare a market brief to identify a potential investor/group to establish a new Solar Salt project in a northern coastal area of Africa, supported by the Sovereign Government concerned. Our client holds an exclusive opportunity to enter into the agreement with the security of a 25 x 25 year lease project.

This project has taken the company into a new realm of corporate representation and acknowledges the depth of experience the Principal brings to the business.

Down stream commercial benefits are outstanding which makes this an excellent high return business for the astute investor. Companies with the ability to look outside the box are invited to contact our office to discuss in more detail the financial requirements and, potential returns.

Clearly defined targets inclusive of proposed CAPEX and OPEX documentation is available with an exceptional Spreadsheet outlining the potential annualised returns.

We commend this project to seriously active global industrial investors.