In recent years, Newco Nominees has consolidated their interest in both Commodity Trading and the discounting and monetizing…

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Iron Ore &

Used Steel Scrap

With the global demand for steel products rising and in particular, the further rapid expansion of the economy in Mainland China…

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Palm Kernel

Shells (PKS)

PKS is a waste product of the palm oil industry and yet, is seen as one of the best alternate sources of energy…

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Concierge Services

No matter what it is you are trying to locate locally, interstate or, overseas, we will dedicate the necessary time to see that every endeavour…

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Waste to Energy Projects

In conjunction with eminently qualified local and European associates, Newco Nominees are excited about the opportunities presently being investigated, in this highly sought after waste management programme, generating much needed power supplies...

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I take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation for the support and assistance contributed to the Salternas Pty Ltd Solar Salt Project by Newco Nominees. Mr Gordon Hatch has used his extensive international network in helping to promote the project to the global market. The degree of effort applied by Gordon over the last three years to attract investment in the project has shown a determination to continue in a difficult financial climate. Newco Nominees is continuing its efforts to seek investment in Salternas Pty Ltd.

Managing Director, Salternas Pty Ltd

Whereas this Council has identified Mr Gordon S. Hatch, the Managing Director and CEO of Newco Nominees that are interested and willing to be partner through Joint Venture or Cooperative for exploration/mining activities in our area.

Now therefore, be it resolved, as it is herby resolved, that a resolution be passed inviting Mr Gordon S. Hatch or his nominees to look for opportunity to form a cooperative and or Joint Venture with the IP’s doing exploration/mining activities for financial and technical support, inside and outside of the declared mineral reservation with Barangay Upper Ulip Ancestral Domain Area.

The above Resolution was passed Unanimously and signed by Datu Mauricio T. Latiban in his capacity of Brgy Tribal Chieftain

Brgy Tribal Chieftain

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